Thursday, 2 May 2019

The Cross

In addition to my usual reading - the Bible and Christian literature - I find myself more and more drawn to Christian history and esepcially the early centuries after Christ, because the closer we get to the source, the fresher the water. Here is something I came across by Theophilus of Alexandria who was a Coptic Pope from the latter part of the 4th century, beginning of the 5th. It is a wonderful celebration of the Cross:

The cross is the consolation of those who are afflicted by their sins.
The cross is the straight highway.
Those who walk on it do not go astray.
The cross is the lofty tower that that gives shelter to those who seek refuge in it.
The cross is the sacred ladder than raises humanity to the heavens.
The cross is the holy garment that Christians wear.
The cross is the helper of the wretched, assisting all the oppressed.
The cross is that which closed the temples of the idols and opens the churches and crowns them.
The cross is that which has confounded the demons and made them flee in terror.
The cross is the firm constitution of ships admired for their beauty.
The cross is the joy of the priests who dwell in the house of God with decorum.
The cross is the immutable judge of the apostles.
The cross is the golden lampstand whose holy cover gives light.
The cross is the father of orphans, watching over them.
The cross is the judge of widows, drying the tears of their eyes.
The cross is the consolation of pilgrims.
The cross is the companion of those who are in solitude.
The cross is the ornament of the sacred altar.
The cross is the affliction of those who are bitter.
The cross is our help in our hour of bodily need.
The cross is the administration of the demented.
The cross is the steward of those who entrust their cares to the Lord.
The cross is the purity of virgins.
The cross is the solid preparation.
The cross is the physician who heals all maladies.
Theophilus of Alexandria

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