Thursday, 6 April 2017

The upside-down teaching of Jesus

"The teachings of Jesus in the New Testament really set conventional wisdom on its ear. According to Jesus:

we win by losing (Matthew 10:39).
we live by dying (Matthew 10:39; John 12:24.
we get by giving (Luke 6:38).
we lead by serving (Matthew 20:26).
we get to be first by being last (Mark 10:31).
we defeat our enemies by loving them
(Luke 6:27-31; Romans 12:20)
we are responsible to initiate reconciliation with people when they offend us (Matthew 18:15), and we are also responsible to initiate reconciliation when we offend them (Matthew 5:23-24). So whether we are the offended party or the offender, it is up to us not to wait for others to come to us, but to go to them to initiate reconciliation.
we are obliged to care about and spend time with sinners and outcasts rather than trying to curry favour with the rich, powerful and influential (Mark 1-4)

This is radical teaching. Jesus took almost every conventional thought of his day, and our day, and turned it upside down."
Bob Grahmann: Transforming Bible Study page 23-24

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