Monday, 4 April 2016

The Gospel

I was reflecting on the message of the Gospel the other day and suddenly realised that in trying to make it accessible for the modern generation, in a worthy attempt at evangelising the lost, we are in danger of making it smaller than it is. And in making it smaller, we are in danger of producing Christians who are born stunted.

For example if we say that the Gospel is the death of Jesus for me, then we are in danger of leaving out the resurrection. If we say that we are saved through Jesus being born as one among us, then what about his death and resurrection? And if we focus just on the resurrection as God defeating death for us then what about the crucifixion and the birth of Jesus? And if we include all those things but leave out the coming of the Spirit, then how are we born again/from above of water and the Spirit? And what about the Ascension when Jesus, having ascended to be with God, rules over our lives as Lord and King?

So what we see in all these things is the WHOLE Gospel and not just one part of it. Which makes the recitation of the Nicene Creed every Sunday a constant reminder of the Gospel in its entirety.  If we want to know what the Gospel is, then here it is complete. What we need to do therefore is remember it and explain it when the need arises.

So what is the Good News? It is the incarnation, death, resurrection, ascension of Jesus and the giving of the Holy Spirit to all those who in faith and repentance accept Him as their Lord and saviour, and as a baptised Christian joins the Church of God and looks forward to the resurrection of the body when Jesus comes again. .

So every morning we recite the creed we are rehearsing the Gospel and reminding us what it is all about, and what not only has saved us, but what will save all those who put their trust in Jesus.

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