Monday, 25 April 2016


The following is an interesting 'take' on the Ten Commandments from a book by J.John which is itself based on a series of sermons on the subject. It's a positive spin on each of the ten 'words' (the meaning of the Hebrew) given to Moses:

You shall have no other gods.
Live by priorities. Put God first where He should be.

You shall not make idols.
Get to know God and you will discover the worthlessness of idols.

You shall not misuse God's Name.
Take God seriously. He deserves it.

Remember God's day of rest, the Sabbath.
Catch your breath. All work no play makes Jack more than a dull boy.

Honour your father and mother.
Keep the peace with the parents. They love you.

You shall not murder.
Manage your anger. Don't let it overtake you and hurt others.

You shall not commit adultery.
Affair-proof your relationship. Value what you have.

You shall not steal.
Prosper with a clear conscience. Then you'll be able to sleep at night.

You shall not lie.
Hold to the truth. And the truth will hold on to you.

You shall not covet.
Find true contentment. Possessions will not bring peace.
From 'Ten' by J.John

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