Thursday, 26 November 2015

My Master's face

Why do we have no recorded image of Jesus? Partly I suppose because paintings were rare in Palestine or partly because it was he, as God's Son, was so sacred that the disciples or the early Church didn't attempt anything. Or maybe because he is made in the image and likeness of every human being and to try and capture his likeness in the form that he came - a Jewish man - would have been to stop him identifying with everyone - "Jew nor Greek, ....slave nor free man.....male nor female." (Galatians 3:28). Or maybe as in the following poem "My Master's Face" it would only show us part of him or make us feel that because we 'see him' that we have got him in some way? Didn't Jesus say blessed are those who do not see yet believe (John 20:29)?

Anyway here is the poem:

No pictured likeness of my Lord
I have;
He carved no record
of His ministry
on wood or stone,
He left no sculptured tomb
nor parchment dim
but trusted for all memory of Him
the heart alone.
Who sees the face but sees in part;
Who reads the spirit which it hides,
sees all;
he needs no more.

Thy life in my life, Lord,
give Thou to me;
and then, in truth,
I may forever see
my Master’s face!
William Hurd Hillyer

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