Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Thy will be done

I once knew someone who struggled with the Lord's prayer. They could say all the prayer except the line "Thy will be done" the reason being that they were afraid that God's will may involve suffering or bad stuff. F.B. Meyer must have had someone like this in mind when he wrote the following:

"Many people shrink from God's will. They think it always means pain or sorrow or bereavement. They always feel melancholy when you speak of doing the will of God. How the devil has libelled God! The will of God is the will of a father. It is the fatherhood of God going out in action.

In our own life, we shall never be really right or happy until we have got to the point of saying, 'I delight to do your will, O God.' We may not begin there. The first step is to choose it, then we shall come to accept it lovingly and thankfully; but, finally, we shall rejoice and delight in it. If you cannot say, 'You will be done,' say, 'I am willing to be made willing to be made willing that your will should be done.'

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