Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Only human

One of the things I value about the Bible is that it is sometimes a source of consolation and encouragement when I feel down or in difficult circumstances. Then I find a verse or a phrase that really gives me a lift and helps me to look at the situation I am in with the assurance that God understands and forgives.

Sometimes I find encouragement however, not in looking at the verses in the Bible but at the characters, the saints and heroes and heroines of the faith. People like Abraham or Moses or Mary or Paul. But it is not their triumphs that inspire me, so much as their flaws and failures, because if God can use them - and He did - He can use me.

I mention this because sometimes I mess up in life, and ministry, and do and say things I shouldn't. As someone who should be an example to the flock (1 Peter 5:3) I am aware that I do from time to time fail or express frustration and sometimes anger when things don't work or go according to plan. Vicars (and Ministers) are sometimes known for being long-suffering due to the various demands of the Church in modern life, but the same also can be said of congregations and I am aware that over the years the churches I have served have had to show great love and patience with me.

So if anyone is offended by some remarks I have made in frustration recently - and you know what I am talking about -  I ask your forgiveness. Please bear with me. Forgive me. Pray for me.

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