Thursday, 19 December 2013

Apathy Rule K.O.

I am not always one to get greatly involved in politics and tend to sit on the sidelines and moan. However I am not sure that that is a very Christian thing to do especially given the kinds of things that are happening in society for example in the NHS, the growth of food banks and the growing volume of homeless people. At the same time MP's are meant to represent us and we should therefore hold them accountable for what they do. But how many people know who their MP, AM or local councillors are? And how many know how to contact them or do something to help make them sit up and take notice in between elections? These are questions I have been pondering when I received an email asking me if I would like to sign a petition about the recently proposed MP pay rise which was something like 11% (recently revised down to around 9.5%).

This opened the door for me to take action and speak on behalf of those who feel that Government is laughing in their face as they struggle with rising food and fuel bills. And so anyone out there who would like to take action too here are two useful sites you may want to use.

The first one tells you who your local MP etc is. Click on this address and follow the guideline:


The second is the site which occasionally invites me to sign a petition calling for change etc:

As Christians we must pray and take action on behalf of the poor, weak and vulnerable. Here is our chance to make a difference.

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