Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The H+ Course

Over the past decades, anecdotal and statistical evidence has pointed to a decline in biblical literacy amongst churchgoers. An increasing number of Christians (both church leaders and those in the pews) are expressing a lack of confidence in the Church’s core text, and difficulties with understanding how the Scriptures bear any relationship to their Christian discipleship.

As a response to this problem, Bible Society has developed the h+ Making Good Sense of the Bible course to help Christians grapple with some of the key questions that arise when we come to the Bible.
The programme is not about providing answers, but demonstrating the range of approaches that are taken, so that participants can grow in their awareness and confidence of what is known as ‘Biblical Hermeneutics’, and how our Bible reading is directly related to our growth as Christian disciples.

The h+ course is designed to help you:
grow in understanding and experience of how people interpret the Bible
understand the different ways that the biblical text can be approached
harness these approaches and thereby grow in Bible confidence
Over ten sessions, you and your h+ group will unpack the most challenging questions that emerge when we read the Bible. Together you will explore different ways of responding to the questions the Bible provokes. There is expert advice from a range of theologians and practitioners; there are guided discussions and practical exercises, and there is input from a trained facilitator.

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