Monday, 29 April 2013

What the Church in Wales needs

I believe that the problems that the Church in Wales are facing at the present times are not organisational - we need a better way of managing parishes and utilising a diminishing number of clergy; nor financial - we need to encourage more people to up their giving and to manage our financial resources more efficiently; nor liturgical - we need more flexibility and creativity in the type of services we use; nor educational - we need to teach and explain the Christian faith more effectively. Neither are its problems principally to do with the multiplicity of its ageing and costly buildings, its lack of evangelistic outreach or its crippling traditionalism. No the bottom line is that the Church in Wales has disconnected the power lines and is experiencing a spiritual energy shortage that has plunged the whole denomination into darkness. What the Church in Wales needs therefore is a new Pentecost, an outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will renew and re-energise the Church again and provide the dynamic needed to motivate it to do all that is needed to bring about a resurgence of the Christian faith with its message of resurrection, hope and new life.That is not to say that all the above are not issues that at some point need to be addressed, but only within the context of the greatest need, that of the Spirit of God to come again and breath new life into dry, dusty and lifeless bones.

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