Thursday, 11 April 2013

God loves the Real You

With the Lord's help I am trying to become who I am. That is I am trying to get rid of the many masks I have accumulated over the years and trying to peel them off like so many onion skins and get back to the real me, the one God knows and loves.

On Sunday's family Service there is a wonderful little liturgy which I will be using which underlines this beautifully using John 21:1-18. Here it is (courtesy of Susan Sayers' Living Stones resource book):

Leader: My child, where are you?
All:        Here I am, Lord, right beside you.

Leader: That is not the person I know and love.
             Where is the real you, my child?
All:        Here I am, Lord. Surely you recognise me now.

Leader: I recognise the face you wear, but where is the real you that I love?
All:       Suppose I showed you and it was unacceptable?

Leader: It is the real you that I love.
All:       Then just as I am, O Lamb of God, I come!

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