Wednesday, 17 April 2013


God can only work within our faith not outside of it. He can only work within what we believe to be possible not what we deem impossible. He has to have room within which to move and work. If not he can do very little. We need enough faith for him to work within.

I think this is what Jesus was getting at when he rebuked the disciples about their inability to exercise sufficient faith to heal the boy with a demon in Matthew 17:14ff. When they asked him why they couldn't drive out the demon Jesus replied: "Because you have so little faith." True he said that all that was needed was a mustard-seed sized faith, but in the Kingdom that is enough for God to work within and overcome a demon possessing a young boy. Not only would it be enough to do that but it could also - potentially - move mountains. (verse 20).

So how big is our faith? It only needs to be as small and vulnerable as a mustard seed and it can accomplish much. In fact - within God's will - "nothing will be impossible for you."

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