Wednesday, 24 April 2013

David Watson on the Holy Spirit

In David Watson’s best-selling book "One in the Spirit", he quotes a humorous adaptation of "Onward Christian Soldiers": "Like a mighty tortoise Moves the Church of God; Brothers we are treading Where we’ve always trod; We are all divided, Many bodies we; Very strong on doctrine, Weak on charity."

"Many Christians today are weary of reports, reforms and reunion schemes, discussions, dialogues and debates.  We spend our time talking to ourselves while the world plunges headlong into suicide and despair.  And it is in this context that the primary need for a dynamic spiritual renewal by the Holy Spirit of God becomes obvious and urgent.  We lack the fire and passion which has always been the mark of the Spirit’s presence."

"It is only the Holy Spirit who can quench the deepest thirst of the human heart, because it is only the Holy Spirit who can show us the beauty of Jesus and fill us with the love of God.  Indeed, when we have drunk this glorious living water, it will spoil our thirst for everything else."

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