Sunday, 3 March 2013

Know the shepherd?

In our service this evening our lay-reader Gwen spoke about Psalm 23. It's one of the most loved and well-known of all the scriptures but although many know the Psalm how many, I wonder, know the Shepherd. the words are wonderful but they are meant to be appropriated. Until they are they are just that - nice words. Here is something Gwen quoted - I don't know its origin - but I include it here:

Many of us are discontented and empty even though we have long ago memorized this passage. Why? Because when we say ‘the Lord is my shepherd’ we don’t really let Him be our shepherd. We don’t follow Him beside the ‘still waters’ and lie down in ‘green pastures’. Instead we want and want until our souls are dry and we have wandered from the paths of righteousness. We become fearful in the presence of evil and refuse the protection and rescue of His rod and staff. He sets His table before us, but we don’t eat. Is it any wonder, then, that our cup is more often empty than full? If we want goodness and mercy to follow us, we must let the Lord be our Shepherd.

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