Thursday, 28 February 2013

Throwing caution to The Wind

With age comes wisdom, and caution too. And in some cases that is a good thing. But I don't think the church needs caution right now but excitable and enthusiastic youthful courage. The first disciples were probably in their late teens or a little older and it was through them that Jesus turned the world upside down. Older people will always find an excuse not to do something or to tread warily. Not so the youth. If the tree is too tall to climb then all the more challenge. If the task is too difficult, then all the more exciting.

What the church needs is to be fearless and daring, filled with the youthful dynamic of the Holy Spirit. Here is John Capon writing some years ago about John Wesley in the British Weekly published by Lutterworth:

"John Wesley had a strangely warmed heart allied to a strangely cool head. The latter, on its own, will always find deeply convincing reasons for playing it safe, remaining open-ended, instituting a dialogue, exploring in depth, setting up a commission, running a pilot-scheme, circulating a paper, doing some research - in fact anything rather than go out on to the streets of Jerusalem drunk with the Spirit, and showing others how."

Drunk with the Spirit. Now there's a thought. When the disciples obeyed Jesus and went and waited in Jerusalem, little did they know that they were throwing caution to the wind, the Wind of the Spirit. But they did and the church is the result. As the Spirit gave birth to the church so He can give new birth to the church. So let's throw caution to the Wind and ask God to set the Spirit loose on us and the world again.

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