Saturday, 16 February 2013

New life

On February 14th my wife and I became grandparents for the first time. Many times over the past few months friends and parishioners with some experience in this department have said what a joy it is when this happens. Although we have not exactly poo pooed the notion we have not really given it a second thought possibly because for us having children was memorable enough it itself. But at 7.00 on February 14th all this began to change and when we first met Theodore Churton Collins - 'Churton' being a family name on Tom our son-in-laws side - we suddenly understood and the sense of joy and delight was immense.

It's this difference between word and experience that marks the new life of a Christian. He or she hears - perhaps many times - about the love of God in Christ and how when that is received by faith in the life of someone it brings a deep sense of joy and peace But it is only when that is experienced for oneself - when it is truly ours - does it really make sense.

Incidentally Theodore means gift of God and as you can see he certainly is.

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