Thursday, 6 December 2012

Who is the real father Christmas?

Not a blog so much as a recommended website about St. Nicholas who is apparently one of the world's most popular saints. What is remarkable about this man is the physical resemblance between him and the modern phenomenon of Father Christmas or Santa Claus, an American invention. Looking at some of the icons of Saint Nicholas he is depicted wearing a red chasuble and a white beard. Sound familiar? What's more he is well known for his anonymous generosity, giving away some of his wealth to help a starving family! There was even one occasion where he was seen in two places at one time! It's the twilight zone!!

Anyhow we need to backdate Santa and relocate him into the fourth century when the original was a Bishop of Myra, one of the early attendees at Nicea in 325 AD. He was truly a remarkable man known for his generosity, gentleness and love of people. He was declared a saint by popular opinion and many miracles were associated with him in his life and after.

For further information here is the website: It makes interesting reading and a good way of further reclaiming Christmas and grounding it in Christian teaching.

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