Monday, 19 November 2012

Jesus will never let you down

The following lyrics have come to mean a lot to me at the moment
and remind me of something a Roman Catholic sister once taught me many, many years ago at some sort of conference or retreat. She said "Trust in Jesus, he will never let you down."

A brother will let go your hand
A sister she may seldom understand
A mother can’t always dry your tears
And father, at times he can’t be there
And even your best friend seems can’t be found
But there’s Jesus, He’ll never let you down.

When your house just don’t seem like a home
You got family, they’re all around you
But you still feel alone
The telephone rings but there’s no good news
And everything seems wrong no matter what you do
And even the happiest people are wearing a frown
You can still call Jesus and He’ll never let you down.
Steven Roberts (See here for full lyrics) 

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