Monday, 22 October 2012

Never be ashamed of your colours

There is a true story told by Lee Dixon the BBC television pundit who is a Manchester City supporter, that he was once promised a ticket to go and see them play away to Liverpool. He went along with his Manchester City scarf only to discover that there had been a mix up re the tickets and he had to sit in amongst the Liverpool supporters. Realising the situation could be a problem he hid his scarf under his coat and took his seat. As the match progressed Manchester City scored and forgetting where he was lee Dixon jumped up to cheer and his coat flew open revealing his Manchester City scarf. As he was about to sit down he saw a very large Liverpool docker march down towards him. He grabbed Lee Dixon by the lapels, unravelled the Manchester City scarf and said this to him: “Never be ashamed of your colours son. Never be ashamed of your colours.”

I love that story because it reminds me never to be ashamed of my faith and to wear it proudly wherever I go. In fact Jesus once said that we should let everyone see it so that they would "give glory" to his Father in heaven (See Matthew 5:14-16).

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