Sunday, 22 July 2012

Only love will help

From a report on the shooting in Denver, Colorado 
Among the many new witness accounts to surface online, Jamie Rohrs, 25, chillingly summed up the moment the action on the screen turned to chaos in the theatre.

“Am I in a dream? Am I in a nightmare? There are flashes. Everything is so loud,” he said. “I am thinking, ‘Is this the day I die? Will this be the bullet that kills me?’”

His girlfriend, Patricia Legarreta, had been sitting a few seats away with their four-year-old daughter and baby son. Each thought the other had died until Rohrs found her being treated for her wounds in hospital. Bearing a makeshift ring, he asked her to marry him — and Legarreta accepted. “There is no more time in our lives to waste,” she said. “Only love will help us put all this evil in the past.”
Sunday Times 22.07.2012

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