Sunday, 13 November 2011

PRESS RELEASE Marriage Matters!

The Church of England Evangelical Council Initial Statement on Proposals Regarding the Nature of Marriage.

The Church of England Evangelical Council, which speaks on behalf evangelical bodies within the Church of England, notes with concern suggestions being supported by the Prime Minister that would radically redefine the concept of marriage.

The fundamental understanding of marriage enshrined in our laws currently parallels closely the Christian view that marriage is a lifelong, exclusive relationship between one man and one woman, within which they parent any children born to them.

This understanding, however, is not just enforced by our laws. Nor is it confined to religious believers. Rather, it has become an ideal to which our people aspire, reflected in cultural practices, social attitudes, art, literature and the media.

By contrast, it is widely suspected that recent social disorders are a manifestation of, amongst other things, the breakdown of family life established on the basis of this ideal.

The CEEC believes that whilst other social arrangements are clearly possible through which commitment can be expressed and within which children can be raised, the ‘traditional’ marriage has proved to be the best basis for human security and social cohesion, despite various other cultural developments. Any redefinition of marriage will therefore undermine not the position of one particular faith but a basic element of our social fabric.

CEEC will therefore be consulting urgently with other bodies with a view to formulating a concerted response to address what it sees as a questionable move which would potentially cause great damage to individuals and to our society.

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