Monday, 8 August 2011

Prayer - a last resort

As a Vicar I am constantly asked what can be done to stop the decline of the Church and help it grow again. Over the years the answer I have given has depended on what particular fad I was currently into. At various times I have been a keen advocate for the teachings of John Wimber. At others I have surfed the Third Wave or caught the Spirit as the Toronto blessings fell upon various sections of the Church. I have been an advocate of the various Evangelism Explosion, Christianity Explored and Alpha courses, all to varying degrees of success. But as good or helpful as all these have been there is no substitute for committed, sacrificial praying. Look no further than the various Gospel passages featuring the Lord's Prayer (Matthew 6) or the parable of the Widow and the judge (Luke 18) or the wonderful promises of John 14 and later in Paul's Letter to the Philippians (Chapter 4). And what about the explosion that was Pentecost preceded and succeeded by fervent and committed praying (Acts 1-5).

No when all is said and done not everything has been said and done - by which I mean prayer. In fact it seems that the Church is willing to do anything, invest any amount of time, money and energy in everything BUT prayer. It seems to me that it is the one untried and untested resource that the Church has and singularly failed to use. Perhaps now as the light of faith ever grows dimmer, our knees will finally touch the ground as cry out, as Peter did as he was sinking beneath the waves: "Lord, save (us)" (Matthew 14:30)

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