Friday, 5 August 2011


"Meditation is what we do when we steal moments out of the day to be alone with God, however short that time may be; when we wonder what He is like, when we 'explore' God. But we need something to guide us in our exploration. There can be no better starting point than a passage from the Gospel, reading it slowly until it gives up its meaning; then it stirs your heart. When you start to meditate, you will find distractions galore, even boredom, the sense of getting nowhere. The point is you have to stick at it. You have to make an act of faith, because the moments you spend trying to raise your mind to God are moments precious and golden. There is a kind of paradox in the situation because the more you try, the more frustrating the activity seems to become. You have to stick at it and come to recognise the simple truth that if there is any success in prayer it is a gift from God."
Cardinal Basil Hume

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