Thursday, 17 March 2011

Exploring Christianity

Hi - this year I thought about doing something different from the usual Confirmation preparation course. For a start it's not called that.' Confirmation' means very little to people who have not been brought up in a church environment and it is quite hard to explain in a few sentences. Besides the idea of a course seems to suggest that it is something with a beginning and and end with a certificate or concluding 'award' and that can give the false impression that the Christian Faith is something you learn about over ten weeks and then you are 'done'.

So this year we are starting an "Exploring Christianity" group in the Vicarage every Wednesday evening with the hope that anyone who wants to explore the Christian Faith can come along and ask questions etc.. If they want to be confirmed or baptised - fine. But if they just want to learn or ask questions in a non-threatening 'safe' environment they that is fine too.

The group will be looking at one Gospel in particular - Matthew - and using it for what it was originally intended as a teaching tool for enquirers. Any and everyone is welcome. If you want details ring the Parish Office on (01792) 589601 and come along.

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