Monday, 22 November 2010

A parents love?

Just when you think you have heard it all along comes the following from America:

"A US couple’s decision to let the public vote on whether or not they should keep their baby has dismayed prolifers. Pete and Alisha Arnold, both 30, have set up the website,, to allow people to place their vote, as well as share their thoughts and see pictures of the foetus – nicknamed “Wiggles” by the pair.

Alisha is already 17 weeks pregnant, meaning that the unborn baby is entering the stage of growth where it is able to suck its thumb and hear voices. The couple have given the public until December 7 to vote, just two days before the couple reach the legal limit for an abortion in their home state of Minnesota – 20 weeks, a stage at which it is believed babies can experience pain.

The Arnolds say on their website that the public’s vote “will not go unheard”.
“The whole point here is to let people have a real way to voice your opinion on the topic of abortion and have it actually make a difference in the real world,” they say....

At one point, there were more votes for the pair to abort their baby but the last few days have seen a significant increase in the number of votes for the birth to go ahead after some prolifers began rallying people to vote against the abortion.

Out of more than 70,000 votes polled, 56,000 people want the couple to give birth – nearly 80 per cent of the votes so far."

If the prolife votes win the day you can only imagine what the child will think when it grows up and finds how his/her life hung in the balance due to the votes of people who cared more for them than their parents did.

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