Sunday, 28 February 2010

The Lord’s Gentle Presence

The following is a guest blog from welshsarah.

Today, in church, the Lord met me exactly where I was. I had been hurt by a friend on the previous friday and it had hung me overly like the proverbial grey cloud all weekend. I just couldn’t let it go. During worship my eyes started welling up with tears but I sucked in them in, preventing them from rolling down my cheek. I desperately didn’t want to cry in church. However, it came to communion and I went up to recieve the body and blood of Christ, sans bread. Felix, a friend’s brother was sharing the bread and wine. I walked up, recieved the wine and, as I turned to leave, Felix said he wanted to pray for me. Great, game over in the crying department. As he prayed in the presence of the Lord, affirming that I am loved and accepted, the tears started to roll. Uh-oh, the flood gates had officially been opened! When God wants to meet you, He will, wherever you are. However, He doesn’t bulldoze His way into your minute, hour, or day. He’ll just come, sit alongside you and put His arm around your shoulders; the weight of it heavy with His love for you.

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